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Sometimes, bad outcomes happen to good people.No one wants to have their freedom taken away. Hardly anyone understands how a person goes to jail if they didn't do something to deserve it - until it happens to them!

At LIPS, we specialize in criminal defense investigations. Our role as defense investigators is to test the theory of guilt, capture what witnesses will testify to in court, and uncover reasonable doubt for our clients.

Based in Louisiana, which incarcerates more people per capita than anywhere else in the world, there is no shortage of citizens that need help in defending themselves. Often times, this literally means fighting for your very life.

Unfortunately, not many people know that defense investigators even exist. There are no movies or TV shows made about us, but our work is crucial to an adequate, efficient, equal, and reliable defense in court. Attorneys cannot put themselves on the stand. Having a dedicated, reliable professional makes all the difference.

Can guilt really be proven? What are the witnesses going to say exactly in court? Are there other witnesses out there that no one knows about? It is our duty to find out.

"I would rather have a great investigator and a good lawyer rather than a great lawyer and just an OK investigator." - J.R. Attorney

Criminal Defense Investigations