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Notaries in Louisiana are authorized to make:

-Adult Adoptions



-Conveyances (buying/selling property)



-Matrimonial Contracts (pre nup)


-Promissory Notes

-Property descriptions


- Power of Attorney





-Receive acknowledgements

-Officiate at creditor meetings

-Execute Authentic Acts

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At LIPS, we can take care of all your notarial needs. From authenticating an affidavit to drafting a conveyance, our notary public with state wide jurisdiction can assist in every aspect. We can even come to you with our mobile notary service!

Most people, even attorneys, don't realize the broad powers that a Louisiana Civil Law Notary is entrusted with. Unlike her/his common law counterpart, the Louisiana Notary is much, much more than just a legal witness to a signature. Civil law notaries are truly public scribes with the responsibility of drafting and executing contracts and agreements between parties that create legal effect. As such, it is imperative that the notary comprehends the credence given to the notarial acts created and the legal consequences/obligation thereof.